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22 January 2019 :: TideWizard withdrawn

We have withdrawn our TideWizard software. Sales have declined over the years as more users switched to cheaper and more convenient apps, and the admin to report sales for royalties on the data we use isn't justifiable for the low number of sales. We will still issue replacement unlock codes for existing customers where they have reformatted their disk, or need to transfer the software to a new computer.

3 August 2018 :: Retired Products

We have retired a couple of our products. WinAstro was written many years ago and will only run under modern 64 bit computers with a total rewrite, that isn't justified by sales figures. Also, we no longer run the back end servies for SmartMet or for the SmartCom ISP. For existing users, they will remain available on the Downloads page, and we will issue new unlock codes on request.

3 August 2018 :: Checkout changed

To simplify our operations, instead of having separate checkouts and payment gateways for the software sold through this site, and hardware sold through the TeamSurv/NMEA Tools site, we now use the TeamSurv checkout and gateway for all sales. The only difference to you is that receipts will be branded as TeamSurv/NMEA Sales.

3 August 2018 :: Retired Products

We have retired a couple of our products. WinAstro was written many years ago and will only run under modern 64 bit computers with a total rewrite, that isn't justified by sales figures. Also, we no longer run the back end servies for SmartMet or for the SmartCom ISP. For existing users, they will remain available on the Downloads page, and we will issue new unlock codes on request.

13 August 2017 :: New release of PC SatC

A new release of PC Sat C is now available. The main change is that it has been updated to make it fully compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows. This is a free upgrade to existing users.

22 August 2012 :: New release of PC Navtex

A new release of PC Navtex is now available. Main enhancements are the ability to download stored messages from NASA's PC Navtex Pro and all SOLAS Navtex receivers, and new code for serial port handling that provides better support for some of the more unusual configurations in Windows 7. This is a free upgrade to existing users.

3 February 2012 :: VMG Racing Electronics appointed as a reseller

VMG Racing Electronics, run by the racing electronics expert Carlos Freire Trigo, is now a reseller of ou range of products. They particularly like our SmartLog data loggers, to record all the instrument data for post race analysis.

30 December 2011 :: TeamSurv finishes research stage

TeamSurv has now completed its research stage, which was partially funded by the GSA as an EU FP7 research project. However the project is continuing, we just need to find a way to make it pay!

8 April 2011 :: PC Navtex now supports McMurdo Smartfind GMDSS Navtex Receiver

PC Navtex now supports this receiver, and also the Nexus NX2600 is now listed in the receivers list for configuration.

25 March 2011 :: PC Navtex now supports Nexus NX2600 Receiver

PC Navtex now supports this receiver, just set the receiver model to the NASA PC Navtex and it works.

3 November 2010 :: NMEA to CSV Tool available

This tool takes in logged NMEA0183 data, decodes it, and outputs it to a CSV file, which you can easily read in to Excel, databases etc. Get it now from the Downloads page.

16 July 2010 :: SmartLog USB NMEA data logger

We have now launched the SmartLog USB device, a compact data logger that writes NMEA0183 data to a USB memory stick

19 January 2010 :: TeamSurv research project

Smartcom Software, in conjunction with Amber Route UAB and MPG Software, have won a two year research project to develop crowd sourcing techniques for recording bathymetry data as input to charts and GIS systems.

5 October 2009 :: WinLog software for free

You can now download the WinLog software for monitoring and logging NMEA data from your instruments free of charge. WinLog will display raw and decoded NMEA messages as they come in, and graph many of the more common data items. Runs on any version of Windows from 3.1 onwards (not yet tested under Windows 7), and uses a COM port in the range COM1 to COM4.

27 September 2009 :: Chart Plotter Review for Yachting Monthly

Tim Thornton, owner of Smartcom Software, has tested all the PC budget chart plotters on the market, and written a review for Yachting Monthly. Tim has also written a number of books on sailing - see details in the Publications section of this site.

27 August 2009 :: TideWizard supports 64 bit Windows

The latest version of TideWizard, 1.3.4, now supports all 64 bit versions of Windows. Although 64 bit versions of XP and Vista were seldom found in the marketplace, we anticipate a much bigger takeup of the 64 bit version of Windows 7, and so have implemented 64 bit support for all versions of Windows.

10 August 2009 :: TideWizard supports Rosslare Small Boats Festival Sea Fishing Event

Smartcom Software is proud to support the 24th Annual Rosslare Small Boat Festival sea angling event, being held from 12th to 19th September. TideWizard has been used by the event organisers to aid in planning, and is also being offered as prizes to the competitors. Organiser Phil Hallsworth says "I always recommend Tide Wizard when any of the members asks for what tide program to get. £20 for all the tide tables you need around the UK and Ireland for the next 90+ years  is great value."

8 June 2009 :: PC Navtex version 3 released

A major new release of PC Navtex is now available, for bringing NAVTEX messages onto your computer system. This release supports many more NAVTEX receivers, as wel as running across a network, and many other enhancements. For more information, visit

28 August 2008 :: WinAstro version 2 now available

WinAstro, our ever-popular astro navigation software, has now been launched in Version 2. This new release is now available in both English and French, has some minor Vista compatability issues fixed, and comes complete with the Stellarium sky at night software to help you identify the stars and planets..

8 January 2008 :: SmarMet incorporates its own satellite base statiom, and interfaces to Neptune software

SmartMet now has its own dedicated satellite receiving station feeding its servers. This gives us greater reliability and timeliness when making satellite imagery available, and will also allow us to extend the data offered to the entire Eumetcast range of satellite products.

The latest release of SmartMet also incorporates an interface to Neptune's popular passage planning software. Wind data can be exported from SmartMet to Neptune, allowing the wind to be displayed on top of the chart when planning your passage.

20 September 2007 :: Smartcom Software launches SmartMet weather information software

Smartcom Software has gone from beta to retail versions of the SmartMet weather information software, produced in conjunction with Midas Weather. SmartMet allows users to select and download the weather information they want, and view ot online or offline on their PC. As well as downloading weather data from the Midas Weather servers, it also has the ability to import and export industry standard GRIB files.

5 June 2007 :: Smartcom Software launches newly designed website in English and French

Smartcom Software has launched a new, updated web site covering its products and services. The site is available both in English ( and in French (

23 April 2007 :: Smartcom Software successfully completes ALIS project

The ALIS research project has successfully concluded its work in location based services and e-navigation, with the Galileo project supervisor saying it was one of the most successful projects he had ever managed. Smartcom and ComSine have jointly developed the basis of a powerful system for delivering position specific information over a low bandwidth communications link. We are presenting a paper on ALIS at the NAV '07 conference, and are working with ComSine and Techman to develop the system commercially.

3 March 2007 :: Smartcom Software shows the route

Smartcom Software is lead technical partner in the CADRE project. This is one of two research projects in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) sponsored by SEEDA, out of over 20 applicants. The CADRE project aims to improve vehicle navigation systems using two new techniques: enhanced modelling of traffic flows using real time reports from cars; and dynamic routing of vehicles to take the best route in changing traffic conditions (using technology we first developed for weather routing in the marine sector).

16 May 2006 :: Smartcom Software expands and relocates
Smartcom Software has relocated to new, larger offices in Portsmouth to make space for its expanding workforce.

New members of staff are:

Chris Cheshire - lead software engineer
Dani Garcia - software engineer

In addition, Smartcom Software has appointed Jackie Phillips of Navigate! to develop the company's sales and distribution chanels in the French market.


22 February 2006 :: Smartcom Software wins ALIS location based services contract
Smartcom Software, in conjunction with ComSine, Techman and Gatehouse, have won a 12 month contract from the Galileo Joint Undertaking to develop location based services for the marine sector. This combines ComSine and our experience in weather services with the MIDAS system, Gatehouse's experience with AIS systems, and Techman's knowledge of the Mediterranean yachting market. The project will run trials through the summer and autumn of 2006 in the English Channel, Denamrk, and French Mediterranean costs. At the end of the project, a system will have been developed that complements the MIDAS weather service

22 August 2005 :: Smartcom Software appointed INMARSAT Connect Partner
INMARSAT has today appointed Smartcom Software as a Connect Partner. By this, INMARSAT acknowledges Smartcom Software's expertise in satellite communications, both with its PC SatC and Smartcom software products, and in its skills in supplying integrated systems.


8 August 2005 :: Smartcom Systems Selected by Palmer Johnson
Palmer Johnson Yachts have selected Smartcom Software to provide the communications and boat management computers for their 120 foot series of yachts, with an initial order placed for two systems. The system integrates all of the boat's communications methods (INMARSAT C and Fleet, GSM and GPRS, landline and WiFi), provides communications and office tools for the crew, and acts as a gateway to the internet for the guests' computers.


8 August 2005 :: PC Navtex selected for H6
H6, the integrated computer system for yachts developed by DB Research and marketed by Raymarine, now incorporates PC Navtex to bring NAVTEX messages in to the navigation console.


1 August 2005 :: Smartcom Software buys Assets of Marine Computing International
Smartcom Software announces that it has purchased all the software assets of Marine Computing International. This includes the software programs Tide Wizard, SmartCom, PC Sat C, PC Navtex and Win Astro. Smartcom Software will support Marine Computing's old customers, develop the software products further, and build up a larger international distribution chain.