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Smartmail 12 month subscription, including dial-up number and e-mail address:

Smartmail ISP 12 month subscription £20.00 | add to basket

Smartmail with Domain: 12 month subscription, including your own .com or domain name, dial-up number, e-mail addresses, spam filtering, web space and control panel:

Smartmail with Domain: own domain name 12 month subscription
£50.00 | add to basket

As an option, we can provide you with a SmartCom e-mail address, and a UK 0845 phone number for internet access. This is ideal if you want to have a separate e-mail address for when you are on the move. Also, unlike some ISPs, the dial-up number works with all satellite services, mobile phones and landline numbers. The modems also support the slow speeds and (relatively) long time delays associated with mobile and satellite communications.

Incoming e-mails are scanned for viruses and spam before being sent to you, protecting your computer and also minimising the amount of unwanted e-mail you download.

There is also a webmail service, so you can access your e-mail from anywhere. This is ideal for use from a Cyber Café or from a friend's PC, when you have web access but cannot use your normal e-mail software.

To personalise your account, we can supply you with your own domain name. As well as personalising your e-mail addresses, this also allows you to configure your own spam filtering settings, have your own web space, and directly manage your account through an easy to use web based control panel.