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SmartCom software for land line and mobile phone connections (including GSM, GPRS and 3G):

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SmartCom Iridium, Thuraya, Globalstar, and INMARSAT Mini-M, B, Fleet, BGAN and Regional BGAN satellite phone connections, plus landline and mobile phone connections:

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SmartCom software gives you fast, efficient, easy to use management of your mobile communications. It supports all dial-up connections over land line, mobile and satellite phones, plus mobile phone GPRS and 3G data, and satellite packet services such as INMARSAT MPDS on Fleet and BGAN services. SmartCom will work with any standard POP/SMTP e-mail. You can either use your existing ISP's dial-up service and e-mail account, or you can use SmartCom's ISP service. SmartCom will not work with CompuServe or AOL, who use non-standard protocols, or with HTTP services such as Hotmail, IMAP services, or as a client for Exchange Server. SmartCom has been designed to be very easy to use once you have entered your dial-up and e-mail account settings, with user friendly messages on any problems encountered.

SmartCom has two aspects to it: managing your dial-up connections, and managing your e-mail. To enhance your dial-up connection, SmartCom offers the following:

For e-mail, SmartCom offers the following: